Climate Justice is Migrant Justice!

Climate change is already displacing two to three times as many people as the ones who are forced to move because of political and social conflicts, according to the IDMC (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre). This number will only increase. In the coming decades, there will be hundreds of millions of people on the move due to climate degradation, every year.

In addition to the tragedy caused by the climate crisis in the lives of millions of people, put at permanent risk, forced to leave behind their homes, livelihoods, lifestyles, family and friends and forced to seek refuge far away, adds the fact that the capitalist system, which caused this global crisis, is a system of enormous violence, willing to violate human rights
to protect any appearance of status quo.

On 24 June 202237 people were killed and hundreds more injured on the Moroccan-European border in Melilla.

According to the statement signed by 49 Moroccan organisations in Rabat, “The death of these young Africans on the borders of the ’European fortress’, warns of the deadly nature of security cooperation on immigration between Morocco and Spain. The start of this Friday’s drama, June 24, was announced for several weeks. The campaigns of arrests, attacks on camps and forced displacements against people migrating to Nador and its region were the harbinger of this drama written beforehand.” On the 24th, a massacre took place in the Melilla ditch, executed by the Moroccan police in plain sight, even in front of the Spanish state police.

A few days later, on the 27th, on the other side of the world, we received news that 51 migrants were found dead in an abandoned van in Texas, and at least a dozen more were hospitalized. This discovery in Texas may be the deadliest tragedy among thousands of people who have died trying to cross the U.S. border from Mexico in recent decades.

These scenarios of violence, repression and absolute dehumanisation are already a reality in various parts of the world. The Mediterranean and the border between the United States and Mexico are examples of areas of recurring tragedy. This reality cannot be ignored and will only become more pronounced if we do not act.

The people and areas most affected by the climate crisis are those who contributed least to this crisis. We have a duty to all those affected to provide support when they travel, and to offer decent living conditions. It is criminal to turn a blind eye to the death of human beings seeking better living conditions.

Climate justice is migrant and racial justice. The system that thrives on climate, social and environmental crises, and feeds on these same crises, is a system that perpetuates and depends on inequalities, oppressions, and violence.

To delay action is to give up on millions of lives! And this is exactly what all the leaders of capitalism promise: death without historical parallel. We need climate justice, which can only be ensured by overthrowing this system!

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