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The 2021 emissions have condemned 9 million people to death. Every hour, companies and governments condemn another thousand people.


Governments and companies know that to stop the climate crisis they have to put life before profit. They choose to premeditatedly and coordinately destroy everything you love for the sake of profit.

The candidates standing for election in 2024, who will have a mandate until 2028, have not presented any plan to drastically cut emissions. Portugal must cut emissions by at least 75% by 2030. Halting the climate crisis is not on the voting table.

We’re seeing failures in agriculture, water shortages in the Algarve, heatwaves that put health at risk and increasing fires.

Yet they present new airports and gas pipelines, and no just transition. They are protecting companies rather than people’s real needs and concerns.

The alternative is the people. There is a plan built by social movements, academics and associations to stop the climate crisis and build peacethe Disarmament Plan and Peace Plan. This is a plan that is not voted on, but won and implemented every day with our own hands.

It’s up to us to stop this war and build peace.

If you are in Portugal, join Climáximo. If you are in other territory, join the next online session about strategy and organisation so you can explore how you can stop the climate chaos and work with us.

Contact us. Join us.
Figth side by side.

Now. Or Yesterday.


Even if the Portuguese government’s most ambitious targets are met (which they haven’t been), Portugal will emit all the CO2 it is entitled to by 2100 between 2026 and 2035.

Knowing what you know, what will you do?

We didn’t choose this, but now we can choose how we face reality.

We are the last people who can stop the climate crisis.

We have the responsibility to tell ourselves the truth, accept that we are at war, and fight for our life.