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Not one more project that increases greenhouse gas emissions

Immediately cancel any project that increases emissions on a large scale in Portugal, including the expansion of the LNG terminal in Sines, the new airport and port and airport expansions, and institute a moratorium banning future projects of this nature. Do not allow the transfer of emissions from Portugal to other countries through new fossil fuel extraction and exploitation projects.

This means canceling a:

 • Expansion of the liquefied fossil gas terminal in Sines: Plans to turn Portugal into one of the main gateways for fossil gas to Europe must be halted;

Construction and expansion of airports: Aviation needs to be reduced by more than 90%, so there is no point in expanding Lisbon airport and/or moving it elsewhere, or building new airports;

Construction and expansion of gas pipelines: There are currently plans to build a new gas pipeline from Celorico da Beira to Zamora. Hydrogen pipelines are a blatant lie. On the one hand, all the current gas pipelines in Portugal (which should be dismantled) carry a maximum of 10% hydrogen for technical reasons. That leaves 90% of the space necessarily occupied by fossil gas, one of the main contributors to the climate crisis. On the other hand, there are no technical advantages to transporting hydrogen over long distances (you can read why HERE).

Expansion of intensive agriculture with slave labor in the Southwest Alentejo: The exploitation and enslavement, as well as the expansion of monocultures with intensive use of external inputs, must be stopped immediately;

Expansion of eucalyptus monocultures: It's no coincidence that the country with the largest relative area of eucalyptus in the world is the one that burns the most. New plantations are the equivalent of new time bombs planted by the paper industry, which, when they explode, kill hundreds of people, burn houses and release even more CO2;

Building new biomass power plants: Biomass projects are based on the idea that planting and destroying forests is a viable alternative to cutting emissions. It's not! Forests are important CO2 sinks, and fulfill several essential functions for the sustainability of ecosystems;

Building new highways: These represent the addiction created by fossil and car companies. They are expensive and divert public funding from the maintenance and growth of railroads and other renewable public transport projects;

Expansion of fossil fuel extraction by Portuguese companies in any territory: Although the climate movement has won the battle against fossil fuel exploration in Portugal, today Galp has new fossil fuel exploration projects in the global south, namely in Mozambique, Angola and Brazil. In addition, Mota-Engil has often been involved in the construction of these infrastructures;

End all public investments in fossils

Our own money must stop being used to finance social and climate collapse. The Portuguese state currently spends 3.3 million euros a day on fossil fuel subsidies.

This investment must be transferred directly and immediately to stop the climate crisis.

Our money is poured into the pockets of the fossil industry through:

• Public "just transition" funds being directed to fossil companies.

• Indirect subsidies every year to Galp and other energy companies;

• Tax exemptions for air, land and sea transport;

• Benefits for the use of fossil fuels in industrial processes;

• Subsidies for the production of energy from fossil gas;

• Support for unsustainable agriculture and fishing;

• Brisa, which not only receives public rents while controlling the highways, but also compromises plans for the mobility we need.

In addition, it is necessary to cut financial support to NATO in order to dismantle the war industry - one of the most polluting and responsible for attacks on humanity.

This money must be at the service of peace: at the service of the energy transition, energy democracy and public services.

An end to luxury emissions

Stop the use of private jets, luxury cars and yachts. All the luxury present in high-emission activities is an attempt to accentuate the inequality at the root of the climate crisis.

A trip by private jet between London and New York emits more CO2eq than a Portuguese family does in a whole year. That's when not even 1% of us would - or could - think of taking a jet.

Every year, SUVs emit 700 megatons of CO2, roughly the total output of the UK and the Netherlands combined. If all SUV drivers got together to form their own country, it would be the sixth largest emitter in the world.

The UN points out that the ultra-rich have to cut more than 97% of their emissions, but luxury consumption has never been higher.

Not only should the use of private jets, luxury cars and yachts be canceled, but the production of new ones must be stopped.

No more unnecessary consumption

Immediately stop consuming without any social utility and with a major impact in terms of emissions and fresh water consumption.

Encouraging and maintaining unnecessary high-emission consumption is an active attempt to establish a society addicted to its destruction.
It has to stop:
• Short-haul flights (e.g. Lisbon-Porto) that already have multiple rail connections.
• Cruise ships that emit as much as 1 million cars.
• Golf courses, which now threaten access to drinking water.

Stop evictions and deportations

Everyone has an undeniable right to housing and land – they are a basic condition for survival. Removing people from where they are living, whether through evictions or deportations, is an act against life and, when done en masse, an act of war.

Demanding rent for housing is charging people money for existing. Evicting them when they can't pay is punishing their existence with the lack of conditions to continue existing. This is not the behavior of a welfare state. The houses belong to the people who live in them. We need to put an end to evictions, evictions and demolitions without any alternative decent housing that keeps the household in its area of residence. See Stop Despejos for more information on the fight to stop evictions in Portugal.

Likewise, it is criminal to blame people for the country of their birth, or to deny them basic rights for doing so. At a time when there are currently tens of millions of climate refugees, and knowing that this number will rise to one billion before 2050, deportations must be stopped. To deport people is to condemn them to the social, economic, political or climatic conditions from which they escaped, to condemn them to homelessness, hunger, thirst, rape, separation from their families, and in many cases death.

Fossil-free policy

Immediate exclusion of companies, CEOs and shareholders that profit from fossil fuels from political processes and public policies.

Fossil fuel companies have known the impact of their activity for decades. Their choice is to create counter-information and block the necessary alternatives. They are directing political processes and interfering with public policy on a daily basis.

The fossil fuel oligarchy cannot have a seat at the table when it comes to designing public policies, as in the case of Jamila Madeira.

• Political decision-makers cannot have a history of complicity with the fossil fuel industry - as is the case with the current Minister for the Economy, António Costa Silva

• Lobbying - formal and informal - must be transparent in Portugal and must not allow the lobbying of industries and companies blamed for the climate crisis.

Telling the truth: Honesty about the state of the climate crisis

All institutions have to go into climate emergency mode, with the main focus on stopping the climate crisis.

There is a scientific and social consensus that stopping the climate crisis is the current priority. Yet the education system, judicial, legislative and social institutions and the media continue to act as if we are not facing humanity's greatest challenge. People need to be told the truth so that we can make informed and realistic decisions. All decisions, debates and news must be based on the current climate crisis.

Fossil-free public space

Stop all advertising and sponsorship that legitimizes the fossil fuel market in all public spaces, such as television, radio, social networks, streets and roads, concerts, theaters and soccer stadiums.

Would we allow companies that sell airplanes and tanks to sponsor races and have advertisements on the street? And for them to talk about the importance of diplomacy and peace? So why do we accept advertising about "green energy" from companies that put 90% of their investment into fossil fuels? Advertising that promotes fossil fuels, the weapons of mass destruction that are killing us, is not advertising, it is war propaganda.

We cannot allow fossil energy, aviation, car or tourism companies to promote the destruction they cause, and therefore all their advertising must be removed and banned. These same companies cannot be allowed to do sponsorships, and thus continue to deceive us with their "peaceful" presence in public.

Advertising exists solely to spend resources we need, commodify creative and artistic potential and stimulate useless consumption, which in a climate crisis makes no sense at all. These same spaces could instead be used to warn of the dangers of fossil fuels or to raise awareness of climate justice.